As-Built CAD Drawings: From $450*

Do you need a layout for an existing house, office, or retail store? Let us prepare it for you

Service includes:

We will measure the existing structure and site (if requested).

We will draw the as-built plan, including room sizes, doors, windows, fixtures, and appliances.

We will provide you with PDF or CAD file copies as requested.

The drawings belong to you, the client.

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Office/Retail Space Plan: From $800*

Thinking of opening a retail store or moving to a new office? Let us design it for you.

Service includes:

We will review the design requirements

We will measure the existing space and draw the as-built plan.

We will create a proposed floor plan layout.

We will meet with you (the client) to review the design and make one modification.

We will discuss code and permit requirements for your specific location.

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Interior Design: Special $500*

Need Ideas to Freshen and modernize your home? We can help.

Service includes:

We will meet at your home to review the interior design requirements

We will provide a schematic sketch layout of the proposed changes.

We will suggest floor and wall finishes to accomplish the project.

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Residential Space Design: Special $1000*

Thinking of doing changes to your home? Let us design it for you.

Service includes:

We will review the design requirements

We will measure the existing home and draw the as-built plan.

We will create a proposed floor plan layout.

We will meet with you (the client) to review the design and make one modification.

We will discuss code and permit requirements for your specific location.

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Real Estate Special: Only $100 any size home*

Are you buying/selling a home that needs to be brought up to it maximum potential?

Service includes:

A 2- hour walk-thru the house with the client to review all potential areas for enlarging, remodeling, and/ or updating.

We will go over code and permit requirements for the specific location.

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Room Addition: From $2,000*

Need to add a room, bathroom or kitchen? We will plan it for you.

Service includes:

We will review the design requirements.

We will measure the existing space and draw the as-built plan.

We will create a proposed floor plan layout.

We will meet with client to review the design and make changes as needed.

We will process the building permit for you.

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Building/Zoning Code Search: From $250*

Need to know what can be done in your property? We will find out for you.

Service includes:

We will review the code requirements for your specific site.

We will visit the building and planning departments to ask pertinent questions.

We will include all the information in a customized report.

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Building Permit Records: From $250*

Need to know what was approved for your property? We will do the search. 

Service includes:

Visit the building and safety records department to obtain copies of all available permits.

We will include all the copies in a custom report.

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Permits Processing: Special $75/hr*

Need a building permit? We can save you time and aggravations.

Service includes:

  • We will visit the building and safety to obtain information, process and submit required paperwork and drawings provided by client.
  • We will follow up with plan check and resubmit as needed until permit is obtained.

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Order to Comply

Received an Order to Comply?

An Order to Comply is a citation issued by the Department of Building and Safety for properties that do not meet the minimum standards of building codes regarding maintenance, use, or habitability.

Call for more information

Illegal Conversions

Have an Illegal Garage Conversions or Unpermitted Guest House?

If you intend to do a garage conversion, find out first if the conversion is feasible. You will save time and unnecessary expense and prevent being ordered to remove it out someday.

Call us 310.592.5566

Permit Expediting

Need Permit Expediting in the Los Angeles area?

Since 2001 we have expedited building permits, from simple Room Additions to New Single-Family Dwellings, Tenant Improvements, CUP’s, and Zone Variances.

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Drafting Services

Need Architectural Drafting Services?

Frequently projects will require architectural drawings in order to be considered for legalization or approval. We offer Design & Drafting services in the Greater Los Angeles area for all Residential construction projects:


Need your home or business measured, drawn, and its area accurately calculated?

Since 2001, we have been providing As-built measurements and Floor plans, including Square Footage Calculations for homeowners, tenants, and businesses.

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Local Permit Process

Knowing the Local Permit Process Is Fundamental

There are many permitting jurisdictions in the Los Angeles area and just about as many sets of requirements for what is needed to submit for a building permit application.

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Unpermitted Guesthouses

Do You Have an unpermitted Guesthouse?

In the city of Los Angeles, unpermitted guesthouses are on just about every block. Some more obvious than others, all unpermitted additions/changes must have plans and permits in order to be legal.

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Code Violations

Do you have a Building Code Violation in Los Angeles County Area?

We offer Building Code Violation Assistance in the Los Angeles area. We draw plans for unpermitted Additions & non permitted structures or Homes & can even walk it through the Planning & Building Department on your behalf.

Illegal Units

Do you own a building with one or more unpermitted units?

In most cases, it does not matter if you buy the building without knowing about unpermitted changes. If you own a building with an unpermitted unit, it is in your best interest to attempt to legalize it. What you might be able to get away with today may not be available to you tomorrow.

Permit Records

Need Copies of building Permits?

We can get copies of all building permits on file, for any residential and commercial property in the Los Angeles County.

Building permits can verify square footage, confirm a legal addition, verify number of units, confirm zoning requirements, and more.

Building Plans Records

Need copies of plans on your property?

To obtain copies of blueprints from the Building Department you will need:
1. A release letter from the current owner.
2. A copy of the current owner’s grant deed.
3. A release letter from the architect of record.

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Variances and CUP

Why would you need a Variance?

Current code requirements do not allow your property to obtain permits for whatever it is you are trying to achieve. For Example: Your unapproved Guesthouse is too close to the property line, so an application is filed to gain legal acceptance for your setback condition.

Permit Consultant

Why Use a Permit Processing Consultant?

You want the building permit review process to go as quickly as possible. Delays in the building permit approval can cost thousands of dollars.
The secret is to use a permitting consultant who already knows the process.

Why get a permit?

Why bother getting a permit?

So many people get into building their ideas without thinking of what legal ramifications may ensue, particularly if you get cited for illegal construction.

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Get a Pre-submittal Meeting

You will save a lot of frustration by making sure you contact your local building, planning, or community development department to schedule a meeting prior to launching your project design.

Approval Does Not Always Mean Approved

If the plan reviewer overlooked something on your drawings that does not meet the requirements of the currently adopted building codes the building department can force you to change the items even though they may already be installed.

How Long does it take to get A Building Permit?

Everything depends on the local jurisdiction and the submittal package prepared by the applicant. If a submittal package is carefully prepared and predesign and pre-submittal conferences are held between the applicant, their consultants and the local affected agencies, things can go quite smoothly.

Stop Work Orders

If a garage has been started with no building permit and you are issued a “stop notice” – what exactly does this mean? If we continue to build, what happens?


Before you can request an inspection, you must first obtain the required permit(s) for the work you intend to do. When the work is ready to be inspected, you can request an inspection by one of two automated systems or through our Customer Call Center.

Permits are only good for 180 Days

If you submit an application to a building department and it has not been approved within 180 days from the time of submittal, you could lose your application fees.

Permit Fees Can Shock You!

Building permit fees can be staggering. If we only had to pay the building permit fees charged by building departments for administering that part of the process if would certainly be affordable.

Plan check tips to Speed up getting permits in the City of Los Angeles.

The City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) is notorious for its difficulty level in getting building permits. Use these plan check tips to get through plan check.

Restaurant and Food Service Permit

To open up a restaurant in Los Angeles, you need to be aware of all the different agencies, sign-off’s, requirements and more.

Applying for a California Liquor License.

Five top questions to ask before you get started on the Liquor License process.

City of Los Angeles Green Building Permits

In 2008 California adopted a new state-wide Green Compliance Bill to encourage the development and construction energy efficient, environmentally conscience, non-polluting, safe and sound standards to improve the quality of life in the State of California.

What is The Los Angeles Housing Department?

The Los Angeles Housing Department, or LAHD, works to insure that existing rental housing units meet all of the requirements as outlined in the safety and standards code for the City of Los Angeles.

Design Review Board

Many communities will have a Design Review Board (DRB) which oversees new development or alterations to existing structures. An appointment is necessary to have your project reviewed by the board members at a public hearing.

e-Permit System

A simple way to obtain non-plan check or Express Permits in the City of Los Angeles. Express Permits do not require plan review.

Most common Structures that can Trigger an Order to Comply

A guest house or guest room, recreation room and accessory living quarters are other structures that can trigger an Order to Comply if they are not in full compliance with the Los Angeles zoning code.

General FAQ

Most Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Permitting Process

List of Building Departments

Addresses and Contact Information for all Building Departments in the Los Angeles County

Code enforcement

How does the City of Los Angeles enforces the current Building Codes

Building records

How to go about obtaining Building Records for any property in the City of Los Angeles

Current Codes

Latest Building Codes. How to access them Online and/or purchase.

How can we help you?

By knowing how to work with the Department of Building and Safety at the earliest stages of a project we can save you time and frustration. Applying for a building permit does not have to be a frustrating process.

Read about how we get building permits approved fast and efficiently.