Order to Comply

Received an Order to Comply?

An Order to Comply is a citation issued by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety for properties that do not meet the minimum standards of the City and State codes regarding issues of maintenance, use, or habitability. These properties are identified and a written notice describing the violations is mailed to the owner and posted at the site.

Over 200 Orders to Comply are established every working day. As a result, billions of dollars has been spent by owners to deal with the violation citations. Legal multi-unit properties are subject to inspection on average every three to five years by the Los Angeles Housing Department.

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Orders to Comply may be issued for the following reasons:

• An inspector drives-by” your property and discovers building violations that must be corrected.
• A neighbor from an adjacent property files a complaint with the Code Enforcement Division regarding unapproved construction in your property.
• During the permit process for new construction, an unapproved construction in the past  is discovered in the records.

If you have received an Order to Comply, you must take effective action within a limited time to resolve the issues listed in the Order or you may face fines, penalties, and fees in addition to the cost of altering the improvements to your property as required per current building codes.

We specialize in helping property owners deal with receiving an Order to Comply. You must find out exactly what your Order requires and quickly create a plan to do what needs to be done.

Some Common Building code violations:

• Encroachment of structures into the required setbacks
• Exceeding maximum building heights
• Change of use
• Lack of minimum required parking spaces
• Non-approved air-conditioning systems
• Zoning violations, such as Multiple units on a property zoned for single family dwelling

Steps to resolve an Order to Comply:

The City of Los Angeles provides 30 days from the date of the Order to fix all cited issues. (The city might extend the correction time if measures are taken to resolve the violations.)

  • We will request a copy of the certificate of occupancy (C of O), locate relevant documents and create an effective plan of action.
  • We will represent you before the Code Enforcement Division of the Department of Building & Safety and advise you as to precisely which documents will be required and what steps are necessary to take in order to resolve your Order to Comply.
  • We will Identify what you can or cannot legalize on your property and will Assist through the citation process for a speedy sign-off.

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