About Us


Who We Are…

  • We are an Architectural design and Permit expediting firm since 2001.
  • We provide Local permit service exclusively throughout the Los Angeles County area.
  • We strive to help individuals and businesses streamline an already complicated permitting process.


Our Mission…

  • To help those who had been cited for code violations to meet compliance requirements.
  • To educate property owners on how to avoid compliance violations
  • To maximizing the potential equity on the property by discovering the hidden value that every property has.


Our Standards…

  1. Professionalism.  We answer our phone calls and emails.  We keep appointments. We show up on time. We double check our work.  We treat all with respect.
  2. Positive Attitude. We embrace all challenges and obstacles to achieve new solutions.
  3. Pro-Activity.  We offer solutions to problems instead of waiting for someone else to offer a solution.
  4. Persistence.  We persist until we succeed.  We never quit.  We think outside the box to achieve success.
  5. Passion.  We are passionate to make our customers happy by throwing our whole self into the task at hand, to help those who need our help.