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Site Visit: Visiting your property is essential to fully understand the scope of work you are proposing to do. It is also necessary to identify the occupancy and use of surrounding and abutting properties to your particular location.

Department of Building and Safety: The next step is to perform a code search. A Code Search is the process where we obtains all the available property records and land use history:

  • Certificate of Occupancy (only available for properties  after 1948 in Los Angeles)
  • Building Permits already on record
  • Plot Plans (simple sketches on record of approved existing structures on the property that show basic dimensions and set-backs)

(Please Note: Some records may not exist for your project.)

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By knowing how to work with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety at the earliest stages of your project, we can save you time, money, and frustration. We can help find out what is feasible to build on your property by delivering concise and practical information regarding your proposed project.

Department of City Planning: While the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety looks at the structural elements and Structural Code Compliance of a project, the Department of City Planning looks at your project to ascertain whether your project meets all existing Zoning.

Project Proposal for Submittal: We will generate a project proposal that includes projected application and consultant service fees to provide cost estimates for the documents, drawings or calculations required to formally file for approval of a building permit for your project.

Plan Check Submittal: After your Plan Check Application has been submitted and the required plan check fees have been paid, (This fee is based on a percentage of your projects valuation,) there is currently estimated to be a 25 day period before receiving Plan Check Corrections. The term Plan Check Corrections can be misleading. Corrections can be very simple or complicated, but you can always count on having Plan Check Corrections — It’s their job to find something wrong with your plans.

Final Approval: Once the Plan Check corrections have been made to your plans and resubmitted to the City you are ready to receive your City of Los Angeles building permit. We will help make your project on time and under budget by determining early on what the City considers feasible and making sure the project was submitted in exactly the way the City wishes to receive and review them.

Applying for a building permit does not have to be a frustrating process.  It’s amazing how things can flow smoothly when you are fully prepared for a submittal.

The way we get building permits through fast and efficiently.

  1. We are cooperative
  2. We are courteous
  3. We ask the right questions
  4. We contact all agencies early on
  5. We Stay in touch with reviewers
  6. We handle information requests quickly
  7. We educate ourselves and the clients on the building permit process
  8. We check the submittals prior to going to the jurisdiction

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