Why get a permit?

Why bother getting a permit?

So many people get into building their ideas without thinking of what legal ramifications may ensue, particularly if you get cited for illegal construction.

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Get a Pre-submittal Meeting

You will save a lot of frustration by making sure you contact your local building, planning, or community development department to schedule a meeting prior to launching your project design.

Approval Does Not Always Mean Approved

If the plan reviewer overlooked something on your drawings that does not meet the requirements of the currently adopted building codes the building department can force you to change the items even though they may already be installed.

How Long does it take to get A Building Permit?

Everything depends on the local jurisdiction and the submittal package prepared by the applicant. If a submittal package is carefully prepared and predesign and pre-submittal conferences are held between the applicant, their consultants and the local affected agencies, things can go quite smoothly.

Stop Work Orders

If a garage has been started with no building permit and you are issued a “stop notice” – what exactly does this mean? If we continue to build, what happens?


Before you can request an inspection, you must first obtain the required permit(s) for the work you intend to do. When the work is ready to be inspected, you can request an inspection by one of two automated systems or through our Customer Call Center.

Permits are only good for 180 Days

If you submit an application to a building department and it has not been approved within 180 days from the time of submittal, you could lose your application fees.

Permit Fees Can Shock You!

Building permit fees can be staggering. If we only had to pay the building permit fees charged by building departments for administering that part of the process if would certainly be affordable.

Plan check tips to Speed up getting permits in the City of Los Angeles.

The City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) is notorious for its difficulty level in getting building permits. Use these plan check tips to get through plan check.

Restaurant and Food Service Permit

To open up a restaurant in Los Angeles, you need to be aware of all the different agencies, sign-off’s, requirements and more.

Applying for a California Liquor License.

Five top questions to ask before you get started on the Liquor License process.

City of Los Angeles Green Building Permits

In 2008 California adopted a new state-wide Green Compliance Bill to encourage the development and construction energy efficient, environmentally conscience, non-polluting, safe and sound standards to improve the quality of life in the State of California.

What is The Los Angeles Housing Department?

The Los Angeles Housing Department, or LAHD, works to insure that existing rental housing units meet all of the requirements as outlined in the safety and standards code for the City of Los Angeles.

Design Review Board

Many communities will have a Design Review Board (DRB) which oversees new development or alterations to existing structures. An appointment is necessary to have your project reviewed by the board members at a public hearing.

e-Permit System

A simple way to obtain non-plan check or Express Permits in the City of Los Angeles. Express Permits do not require plan review.

Most common Structures that can Trigger an Order to Comply

A guest house or guest room, recreation room and accessory living quarters are other structures that can trigger an Order to Comply if they are not in full compliance with the Los Angeles zoning code.