Variances and CUP

Why would you need a Variance?

Current code requirements may not allow your property to obtain permits for whatever it is you are trying to achieve. For Example: Your unapproved Guesthouse is too close to the property line, so an application is filed to gain legal acceptance for your non-conforming setback condition.

How long does a Variance take?
A typical Variance from start to the decision date may take up to ten months. The hearing date is scheduled roughly seven months in advance. If you have been cited by the city, the Variance process puts a hold on the specific item you are applying your Variance towards, so all steps can run their course.

Is a Variance costly?
It could be. At the bare minimum, you will be paying for city fees that start in the low thousands.

Can you file a Variance yourself in Los Angeles?
Yes, but if you are not experienced dealing in city housing matters, it is not recommended. We suggest using a company who deals with the Los Angeles bureaucracy on a regular basis and sees the challenges for denial in advance.

You need a Variance. What Now?
Before you commit to steep city fees, we suggest doing a research to determine the probability of approval or denial.

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Need a Conditional Use Permit?

We can assist you in applying for & modifying Conditional Use Permits in the Los Angeles County area by working with the Planning & Building Departments for the following Businesses:

*              Gas Stations
*              Super Markets
*              Mini Markets
*              Churches
*              Religious Organizations
*              Meditation Centers
*              Fitness Centers
*              Convenience Stores
*              Restaurants
*              Night Clubs
*              Car Dealership
*              Medical Office
*              Car Wash
*              Banks

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