Code Violations

Do you have a Building Code Violation in Los Angeles County Area?

MAYBE AN UNPERMITTED ADDITION OR NON PERMITTED STRUCTURE OR HOUSE PLANS? We offer Building Code Violation Assistance in the Los Angeles area. We draw plans for non-permitted Additions & non-permitted structures or Homes & can walk it through the Building & Planning Departments on your behalf.

Some of the most common projects with building code violations are:

Unpermitted Additions
Non permitted Remodels
Unpermitted Structures
Un permitted 2nd story Additions
Non permitted Tenant Improvements
Unpermitted Garage Construction
Unpermitted Garage conversions
Patio Covers. Wood, Aluminum, Steel
Decks & Balconies. Trellises

If you’ve recently received a letter in the mail that says “You’ve got 30 days to comply” for your Code Violation.

We Can Help. Call 310-592-5566

This is what we can do:
  • Identify what you can or cannot legalize on your property
  • Assist through the citation process for a speedy sign-off
  • Identify what you can add or convert (guest house, garage conversion, addition or modification, etc.)

We will come out to your home, take photographs of the work that has been done, take the measurements of the existing home along with any measurements necessary for an addition that may have been done. We will then put together the necessary construction documents, which may include Structural engineering & Title 24 energy reports for you to submit to the appropriate Building Department.

We assist with all your Building Permit needs; Building Design, Drafting & Construction Plans, as well as assist in obtaining your Building permit in the Los Angeles County area. We can get started within a day & be able to comply with the orders that have been given to you by the Building Code Enforcement Officials.  All of our construction plans are drawn in accordance with current, applicable codes.

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