“Thank you so much!  I must tell you, we love your
design and personal attention! We hope to work
with you again soon.”

(Gabriela and Jordan Kornzweig, clients)

“Mario is organized, fast, detail oriented and an
excellent project designer. He is highly dependable
and produces overall high quality work.”

(Frank Goguen – Principal, CMCA)

“I have known Mario personally and professionally
for the last ten years. His leadership capabilities
made every project he was involved a success. His
pragmatic approach to problem solving, his focus
on exceeding the client’s expectations, and his
calming demeanor are always evident.”

(Miguel Maio – Partner, DLR Group – WWCOT)

“Mario assisted me with the redesign of my multi-level home in San Francisco. I can honestly say that Mario has a way of seeing things that other people can’t. He came up fantastic design elements that truly led to a spectacular layout.” (Steve Cooper – San Francisco)

“Mario knows how to pull it all together, from start to finish”
(Eli Broumandi – Santa Monica, CA)